Environmental protection

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  • Developing a Green Port concept.
  • Port environmental review system (PERS).
  • Assessment by international experts – environmental certificate.
  • Measures financed by the EU.
  • EU project “Connect 2 small ports” (installation of particulate matter and noise sensors).
  • Electricity supply to cruise ships to reduce CO2.
  • Reduction of particulate matter emissions.

green port

We want to create a sustainable and sustainable port. We are currently implementing the Green Port Development Plan in line with the European Green Directives.


PERS certificate

Klaipėda Port is the first port in the Baltic States and one of 35 ports in Europe to be certified under the Port Environmental Management System (PERS) from 2024. It confirms that Port of Klaipėda can call itself an environmentally friendly port. The PERS certificate commits us to long-term sustainable development and to play an active role in reducing our environmental impact.
The Klaipėda Port PERS environmental report is available here:

Directions for improvement

Improving air quality

Prevention of climate change

Energy efficiency

Noise reduction

Relations with the local community

Reduction of ship waste

Improving water quality

Litter/harbor waste reduction


Port Development (Land Related)


2030 ambition

  • European Green Deal (ESPO Green Guide compliance, PERS certificate, Eco Ports network membership)
  • Cohesive and sustainable port operations (Offshore Power Supply (OPS) stations for ships, efficient operational system of surface wastewater, alternative fuel ships, proactive environmental unit, promotion of community outreach)
  • Zero-emission port (rainwater collection stations and reception facilities, hybrid/autonomous Port authority fleet)

Completed and ongoing works

Maintenance of territories

Power supply stations for ships

Environmental monitoring

Air and water pollution monitoring

Fleet to collect pollutants

LED lighting system in terminals

Electric cars, scooters, bicycles

Robots, cranes with braking energy

Technical means (water cannons, walls, recuperators, etc.)

Closed bulk cargo terminals

Technological tools

ISO 14000 certificates


Get in touch

Contact person:

Environmental Coordinator Aistė Kubiliūtė
Tel.: +370 46 499 644
Email: a.kubiliute@nullport.lt

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