Areas of activity

The main functions of SE Klaipeda State Seaport Authority, stated in the Law on Klaipeda State Seaport of the Republic of Lithuania (16 May 1996 No. I-1340), are the following:

to coordinate the protection of the port territory effected by port users and ensure safe navigation in the port

to ensure Harbour Master’s activities

to maintain and handle port reserve territories pursuant to the procedure set by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania

to efficiently use and manage the state-owned property entrusted upon the Port Authority by the right of trusteeship

to lease port land, also to transfer it into temporary free use pursuant to the procedure set by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania

to collect port dues

to organize rescue operations of ships and humans in the port basin

to draw up port strategy projects, master plans of the port and port reserve territories, to organize their implementation, scientific research works and to advertise the port

to study designs pertaining to reconstruction of port-based structures and the construction of new objects, to subject them to approval, to establish and approve mandatory technical conditions

to implement preventive measures intended for protection of the port against pollution and to organize elimination of the consequences of pollution

to construct, use and develop port infrastructure

to maintain design depth in the port basin and at the berths and piers

to organize and carry out port environment protection

upon coordination with municipal institutions, to carry out preparatory infrastructure development works in the port reserve territories

to ensure maintenance in non-leased parts of the port land (territory)

to make arrangements for social and utility services for seamen

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