Port Infrastructure for Offshore Wind

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Klaipėda is a Future Offshore Wind Hub

Klaipeda Port announced a tender for the construction of an offshore wind marshaling harbour.

With favourable conditions for development of offshore wind farms and numerous wind farm projects in progress, the Baltic Sea is becoming a hot spot for offshore wind industry development. To satisfy the growing demand for wind turbine assembly, loading, and wind farm maintenance, the Port of Klaipėda is developing the necessary infrastructure.

Offshore Wind Installation Port

40 t/m2 quay load

Up to 40 t/m2 quay load in parts of the quay for heavy lifting and in the rest of the area.

Territory – 21 ha

21 hectares of territory for storage and pre-assembly of the wind turbines with convenient access by road and rail.

Depth of 12 m

Future quay depth will be 12 m.

In May 2022, an investment agreement was signed between Klaipėda State Seaport Authority and Klaipėda Stevedoring Company KLASCO to develop the port infrastructure required for the planned development of offshore wind farms.

The quays of Smeltė peninsula (No 149, No 150, and No 151 part) will be reconstructed and adapted for the handling, assembly and storage of elements of wind turbines. The planned area for the installation infrastructure is 21 ha. The length of the newly reconstructed quays is approximately 346 m (in a continuous line). The depth of the reconstructed quay will be 12 m.

Design works of offshore wind farms on the quays of the port are already done. To accommodate the development of the two Lithuanian wind farms, as well as other projects in the Baltic Sea, Klaipeda Port announced an international tender for the quay construction works and dredging of the first stage. All information is published in the central public procurement information system (contract draft, tender terms, and other documents).

Offshore wind installation port

Offshore wind installation port

Offshore Wind O&M Hub

There are several options where an offshore wind operation and maintenance centre could be equipped. Currently, all options are being evaluated to select the best location where maintenance ships would moor, offices, training centres and workshops could be equipped.

Potential places for offshore wind O&M hub

Potential places for offshore wind O&M hub

Potential places for O&M hub

Contacts for more information
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Lithuanian offshore wind farm – 1,4 GW until 2028

Lithuania is planning to build an offshore wind farm with a total capacity of 1.4 GW. It is expected to generate 6 TWh of green electricity per year and satisfy a half of Lithuania’s electricity needs. Detailed information about the tender procedures for the Lithuanian offshore wind farms is available on the official portal offshorewind.lt.

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